One comment on “The Story of my Electric Broom (A Lesson in Customer Value)

  1. Update: After my son waited 9 months for Battlefield: Hardline to be released, after being pushed back from an August release, I was supposed to get the benefit of “release day” delivery from Amazon. Once again, two weeks after this post, UPS completely dropped the ball. AGAIN. I checked the status on 3/17, “on truck for delivery”, great… and then, about noon, I got an update from Amazon that my package had been delayed, “reason unspecified.” In other words, the UPS guy just completely skipped me! I contacted UPS and threw a fit. A center supervisor was supposed to call me so that I could arrange for pickup. Guess who called me? NO ONE. Again, I want to emphasize, I’m not one of those customers. I’m a reasonable guy who wants my stuff. After having just recently gone through my “traumatic” broom experience, I wanted SOME response or action from UPS, to try to help me resolve the situation. NOTHING. Once again, Amazon. I pitched a fit to Amazon, who can basically do nothing. However, they offered me a free month of “Premium” to compensate me for not getting the game on release day. I continued to pitch a fit, and they have my account set up to NEVER use UPS. Since that time, I have had ZERO delayed or undelivered packages. Obviously, UPS has a problem with the driver on my route, and they simply don’t care, and are unwilling to take responsibility to fix it.

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