7 comments on “Pi Does NOT Contain the Universe

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  4. Very interesting. Pi is always a good topic. Prime numbers is another one.

    Just one quick note – my friend pointed out that Pi contains itself. Once in a trivial manner – 3.14… 3.14 ….
    So section 2.1, second line should be corrected or clarified. Same like with prime numbers, where 1 is excluded. Pi cannot contain itself but besides a trivial case.

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  6. Pi contains every possible 4 digit luggage lock combination. And 5 digit, 6 digit, and so on. For the myth to be false… there must be some length of a combination where you can’t find every possible sequence in pi and only a subset can be generated (similar to your chaotic system analogy). But no one has found that length, though that doesn’t preclude it from existing. I suspect most mathematicians would say it’s too soon to declare whether pi contains all finite sequences or not, or to even put a probably on one side or the other of the outcome.

    At the same time, if pi does contain every possible finite sequence, it’s trivial in the sense that any infinitely long random and independent sequence will have that property. It’s only speaking about randomness and infinite processes rather than any magic in pi.

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