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  1. I have a sort of similar setup. my Raspberry Pi is currently in my garage and remotely operates the gate via the cycle pins. I have a wi-fi web cam on my gate opener page that shows me if the gate is open or closed.

    Have you found anything on the mighty mule gate opener motherboard to let you sense if the gate is open or closed? That’s my next step. I want to be able to send it a command like open and not have it close if it is currently opened. I don’t want to rely on the web cam image.

    I just got a pi zero wh and am going to try and mount that in my control box and see if I can get wi-fi to my house and then try and figure out the best way to programmatically figure out if the gate is open or closed.

    – jack – Southlake Texas – https://mylinuxguy.net

    • Hi, Jack:

      I had the same thought about sensing the gate position (or state). I haven’t found anything yet. There is nothing obvious on the mobo nor the documentation for the mobo that says “hey connect here to sense the status”, but I suspect that there must be a way to do it. I also thought about a simple NC switch on the gate arm that is depressed (open) when the gate is closed and closes when the gate is opened.

      Please let me know if you want my (messy) PHP source code – happy to share. If I find any way to sense the gate position, I’m happy to share, and would appreciate same.


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